Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Mid August Fun...

...is around my birthday. I started treating myself to some hot rodding, a little after high school, buying myself a gift, then the Chevelle I had and now the pick up. From small car shows to swap meet it grew into something I look forward to every year, Bonneville. This past August, I drove, by myself, to Bonneville. I was also hoping to make it to South Dakota, but my little service truck was having issues. I barely made it back home...
It was hot driving through Vegas and Baker!
The best part of Bonneville speed week (Friends and the races were awesome too) was camping in the hills near the entrance to the salt flats. It was nice to relax, take my time, and even watch the stars. A really nice change.
I met some really nice and interesting people too. There were a lot of people on the road trying to find themselves. One guy drove from the east coast to the west then to Speed week and he's going to settle in Portland, Or.
Between then and now. I've been hitting up some shows (all solo). Took some pictures and will post them up when I can.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Test/ sketch book page

Testing out a new large format scanner that I just bought today so I can get into the groove again. Anyway, here's a random sketch book page...don't know when I drew it.
The studies were drawn from photos off the Internet or some magazine. Heck might be from memory too. Not sure. I have really bad memory.