Friday, February 15, 2013

Saturday, February 9, 2013


I dig a lot of things mechanical and find peace on machine made by the human condition. With these tangible machines I meet awesome folks. These folks, I hope consider me as a friend too. Here's an infinite cheer to my mechanical friends.
Photo: was taken in the high desert at a friends shop. (Super cool dude) I brought my BSA up to make some adustments and in the process learned a bunch of stuff. I am now super stoked on the bike and want to take it further and make it my own. I hope to make it run great and still commute with it...there is something mysterious about riding a contraption that was designed in the 40's or 50's then chopped in the 70's...
my bike is in the foreground.

-mopeds are fun- see you at the next rally

Sunday, February 3, 2013


meet Jumpy. chicken  (other rabbit) and him made a tree cave. they like to hang out near my chopper. funny thing, they sometimes get all greasy from running under and around the motorcycle. they like to hang out outside... when i'm not outside, they would come inside and ask me to go outside to just hang with them. it's funny how they communicate. they would do a helacopter bunny hop when they are happy and pleased. then   hop over to me nudge and lick me to give tanks. its a trip...