Friday, December 7, 2012

PCH or Hwy 1 test run

Mooneyes show in Irwindale is tomorrow and I will be driving my truck to the show. Yesterday, after some tune up type stuff, I went on a little test run down and up the PCH. Boy, was it beautiful out! The ride was rough at first because the front end was shimmying... so I pulled over and made some adjustments and it shimmied less. Just okay enough to go 70 mph down the hwy. I passed by Don the BeachComber and took this picture for my friend Woody. Woody is a Super Duper Tiki Guy and I thought he would appreciate the picture and he did. It's been quite some time since my truck was on the road, I was busy with work and too lazy to work on it... Funny thing, it really didn't take much to get it back on the road, just change the tranny and a ghetto tune-up!?!
I should have been driving the truck a year ago, ah well. Hope the few who visits here like the picture. I'm happy with it.

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